Music sensation is not an innate talent, but it is a willingness possible develop it, All learners are possible to develop their abilities by a good training, There is no different between this and developing their abilities to talk, or doing other skills.

The very important basic things to test the teacher to be a member inside the team work that he has to have the enough ability of the technically and education in dealing with the receiver of the education process from all different ages.

The institute has been established in 1988 and the number of the classrooms at this time was only 5 rooms in one branch specialized in teaching music and painting, now the institute became a 98 classrooms specialized in music and painting, and distributors on 9 branches and 11 hall, specified for ballet, gymnastics and Taekwondo and distributed on 4 branches.

Kythara institute seeks to offer all the useful things for the students because they are our focus.
The institute is doing a different ceremonies for the learner.